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In the accounting profession and business sector women are making an impact. Female CPAs are the fastest growing demographic in the profession and your influence will only continue to expand - which is why when you attend TSCPA’s Women’s Career Summit you’ll be encouraged in your role as an accounting professional and have the opportunity to connect with like-minded colleagues. 

At this award-winning annual conference you’ll hear from speakers on issues that most affect female professionals in accounting. Dr. Rebecca Heiss will help attendees understand how stress physiology affects your health and job performance, and Nicole Provonchee will discuss how to change behaviors that commonly keep women from progressing in their occupation. The 2019 Women’s Career Summit is an opportunity to enhance your leadership skills, network with other female CPAs and envision your future as an accounting professional.


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September 24, 2019

8:00am - 9:40am (Central Time)

As humans, we have been granted a wholly unique and incredible opportunity to direct our own evolution. Scientific advances in neuroscience have shown our minds to be amazingly malleable, but what exactly are we doing with this awesome power? The answer for most of us is nothing. We are stuck in our pre-programmed mode of survival. But life is about more than surviving. It’s time to thrive.

Rebecca brings the business of biology to brain science to help individuals and corporations overcome fear-based, reactionary programming and become their best biological selves. Through self-awareness and conscious reconciliation of the effects that the modern environment has on a stone-aged brain, Rebecca empowers everyone to thrive in a happier, healthier state of mind.

Dr. Heiss breaks down how stress affects our health, our conscious decisions, and ultimately our happiness and success and provides insights for her clients to break through these barriers.

9:55am - 11:35am (Central Time)

They are called Career Limiting Behaviors. These are the behaviors that get in the way of being named to lead the next big initiative or landing the next big promotion. Even successful men and women have barriers that stand between them and fantastic success. However, exactly what stands in the way can offer differ for women. Learn the five Career Limiting Behaviors most common with women and tactics you can use to overcome what is standing between you and even greater success. Walk away with pragmatic tactics you can begin using immediately to move forward with your career dreams - faster!

12:25pm - 1:15pm (Central Time)

Networking and business development can be an uncomfortable topic for many rising stars in accounting. In this session, we’ll dive into the value of your network and why it’s worth investing in at all stages of your career. 

There are many tactics to build your network that don’t rely on asking a stranger for their business card. Learn tips on building your professional network with client service, community service and a social media all rooted in your personal brand strategy.

1:20pm - 2:10pm (Central Time)
2:25pm - 4:05pm (Central Time)

Would you believe that some CPA's feel that if they make mistakes, it'll be held against them? You probably do. Have you thought about what effect that has on the functioning of your team and your organization as a whole?

In this session we explore the concept of failure, and research behind the traits that contribute to the highest levels of team effectiveness. Walk away with ideas on how you can measure and create an environment that fosters peak team performance and healthy communication.


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Rebecca Heiss

Engaging, inspiring and enthusiastic, Rebecca's style meets her audiences where they are and brings them along for a fascinating journey into their own minds. Brain science for business has never been more approachable and fun! Her enthusiasm for helping others maximize their potentials is as infectious as her energy.

Using the biologically driven challenges organizations face in managing behaviors, Rebecca weaves together stories from her personal experiences, cutting edge research in neuroscience, and practical takeaways for everyday operations in work and life. The result is an unforgettable experience that will permanently shift the perceptions of participants and redirect them on a course toward happier, healthier, and more productive lives.

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Nicole Provonchee, MBA

Nicole is an experienced executive coach and strategist working with successful senior leaders, high-potential professionals and high-performance teams to seize opportunities, overcome obstacles and achieve impactful, impressive results. ?She is the founder of Bright Blue Consulting, a Nashville-based organization that offers executive coaching, team coaching, and strategic planning services to companies including a range of non-profits, start-ups and Fortune 50 corporations.

With over 20 years in strategy, consulting, business development, and marketing roles, Nicole is able to combine her “real-world” experience as an executive and strategist with coaching best practices. Nicole's executive coaching focuses on working with existing and emerging women leaders and their teams, helping them define and then achieve their goals faster. Bright Blue's strategic planning services help organizations and departments of all sizes create actionable plans they can actually implement, measure and celebrate when successful.

As a former female executive, Nicole can relate to the unique situations women sometimes face as leaders and the challenge of finding just the right balance of work, family, friends and the rest of life. Clients describe Nicole's style as optimistic and pragmatic, with a focus on getting clear around goals to achieve tangible results.

She is a frequent speaker to groups on a variety of topics ranging from work/life balance to self-advocacy to the management skills leaders need to succeed. Nicole combines research, real-world experience, humor and pragmatism to ensure attendees leave with tangible information they can implement immediately (and have a bit of fun while learning).

Nicole holds an MBA with a concentration in strategy from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, where she founded the school's first MBA association for women. She has a BA in English from Birmingham-Southern College. She holds an executive coaching certification from the Center for Executive Coaching and has experience in a variety of coaching methods.

Residing in Nashville, Tennessee with her two young sons and architect husband, Nicole is committed to causes advocating children and women’s rights, including currently serving on the Mayor’s Parent Cabinet for Nashville Metro Schools, a former Board Chair for Our Kids and serving in volunteer roles at Children's House Montessori, Percy Priest Elementary School, Our Kids and the Sexual Assault Center (SAC), all located in Nashville. Nicole is also a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

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Kristen Rampe, CPA

Kristen got into accounting the way many people did: She liked math. She joined the Big 4 out of college and held on for three enlightening years in audit. After finding the long-hours-lifestyle to be more than she was after, Kristen quit public accounting for the first time and ended up in industry at one of her clients.

18 months later, she jumped back into public at a regional firm in San Francisco. This time she eased out of audit to help form a SOX compliance team from the ground up, and led a variety of intriguing and unique consulting projects.

Fast-forward seven years, she realized her strongest technical talents were those in the areas that were not considered "technical" as a public accountant; you know the ones: communication, client service, building great teams, etc. Kristen decided to use her strengths to bring these essential skills back to the industry she's known from the inside.

Her work now enables deeper client relationships, stronger team collaboration, and increased efficiency; all leading to higher profitability for CPA and professional services firms. She loves what she does and welcomes the opportunity to work with people who value relationships and communication as a component of success.

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