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This event is a replay of the Chattanooga Chapter's live stream meeting on July 16. Dr. Ingrid Amelia Hart will present a four-hour program titled "The Current and Prospective Accounting, Auditing and Regulatory Environment".

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Number of Credits Type of Credits
4.00 Accounting


The Evolution of Accounting Practices and the Trends that Emerge as Indicators of the Future

Accounting has evolved from a technical process driven by the need for efficiencies in accounting for transactions to become the key information systems’ provider which supports the information needs of users, i.e., investors, creditors, and other lenders. We explore the historical evolution to land at the current supply and demand of accountants’ trends for insight into the current status of the profession. We will incorporate findings from the AICPA 2019 Trends Report.

Survey of the Accounting Regulatory Body Releases, Agenda and Emergent Issues

Transactions are becoming more complex and we see evidence of the type of transactions that are attracting the attention of stakeholders and users through recent standards and releases from our governing regulatory bodies. We survey the recent activity of the key regulatory agencies for a high-level appraisal of the latest standards, relevant pronouncements, exposure drafts, and other guidance. We reference the SEC, the FASB, the GASB, the PCAOB, and the AICPA.

Preparing the Profession and Future Professionals for What’s Next: Let’s Take a Glimpse into the Current and Future Plans

The CPA Evolution project has been a key indicator of what is on the horizon and on the minds of many of the decision-makers. The recommended changes if approved, will require that academia be aligned and prepared to facilitate changes in delivery and content of the accounting curriculum. We take a look at what is current and what is on the horizon as stakeholders of the profession so that we build a better future together.

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Ingrid A. Hart, CPA, CGMA, DBA

Dr. Amelia Hart serves on the faculty of the Haslam College of Business in the Department of Accounting and Information Management at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. She is the faculty advisor for Beta Alpha Psi – the accounting honor society and the National Association of Black Accountants [NABA] which seeks to bridge the opportunity gap for professsionals in accounting, finance, and other business fields.

Hart serves on several boards and committees including the TSCPA Accounting Career and Education Committee [ACE], and the Scholarship Committee. Hart is president-elect for the Association of Government Accountants [AGA] of East Tennessee, serves on the Southeastern Regional Board for NABA, and the Board of Goodwill Industries of Knoxville.

Hart is a frequent presenter at both professional and civic events, she is respected in the classroom for her candid and clear instructional approach, and appreciated for the way she brings insights from the profession and academia together. Prior to working in academia, Hart worked in both private and public accounting across multiple industries in roles that ranged from manager to controller. She has taught at both private and public institutions and invests significant time in benevolent activities intended to empower the under-served and to inspire young leaders.

Hart earned her doctorate degree at Anderson University [Indiana], her Masters from the University of Tennessee [Chattanooga], and her undergrad from Lee University [Cleveland].

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