CFO Series Day 1 - Preparing for Change

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Day 1 of the CFO Series focuses on skills that will help you and your organization become more effective dealing with risk, change and problem employees.

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2.00 Auditing
6.00 Business Management & Organization


Change: Prepare for the Inevitable
Because we see change every day, we ignore change as a key risk.  Even though change is natural, it is also natural for humans to fight it.  Why do humans think we can control everything?  Learn more about how we can become better at recognizing change and how we can embrace and adapt to the many changes we will continue to see.  Change is inevitable. We can adapt to change or be replaced.  We will review practical insights that will help you be even more successful in the office and in life.  Effective leaders should not miss this course. 

Topics Discussed
• Change is continuous, but why do we fight change?
• Why do we not notice the volume and rate of change?
• Why are we so surprised by change?
• What steps we can take to adapt to change?
• Why is the human brain programmed ignore change?
• Examples of how the rate of change has changed.
• Examples of the many changes in Accounting.
• How to enhance your adaptability so you can thrive in a world of change?

Fixing Systems Risk – The Two Keys to Success
The system failed; it does not work.  The system does not deliver as promised.  Processes that used to work – suddenly blow up.  Too often we work in an environment where one or more systems fail.  We will discuss two key causes why most business systems crash.  What are the steps to take that will reduce system risk?  Why do we unintentionally design systems that are doomed to fail?  This session outlines multiple steps to reduce and hopefully eliminate system risks.  Proper planning is essential.  If you are a 'Fix-it" person, then this session is for you!

Topics Discussed
• Why are Accounting and Finance Leaders skilled at analyzing broken systems?
• Open systems versus closed systems
o Which is better? 
o Why?
• There is no such thing as a perfect system, yet we still try!
• Lessons from US Navy SEAL teams
• What are some of the more common reasons why systems fail?
• How to plan for and avoid the two root causes of most system failures?

#1 Mistake that Managers Make
What is the most common management mistake?  Why is it so damaging and prevalent?  Learn how managers mis-manage the most important assets in the business – our employees.  More importantly, what we can we do to get the most out of our people and correct the single most common mistake made in business.  The performance review process is broken, and we will discuss how to correct it!

Topics Discussed
• Why managers are poor communicators and how to improve?
• The damage caused by inadequate communication.
• The advantages of better communication and planning.
• Over fifty recommendations to improve the performance review process.
• Selecting the proper criteria to assess performance?
• How to deliver a productive performance review?

Dealing with Problem Employees
A team member is not performing satisfactorily.  Tried several corrective actions – none worked.  We must dig to determine the root causes.  We will review a 15-step process to assess all the reasons why they are not performing, so you can reduce and hopefully eliminate performance issues.  Proper planning is essential.  If none of the fifty suggestions work, we will review how to part ways.  The sooner you address the issues, the sooner the situation can improve.  If you have had one employee problem, this session is for you!

Topics Discussed
• How turnover is an issue?
• What are the most common causes?
• How can we do a better job of preventing 'problem' employees?
• How to have an effective discussion to end to the relationship?
• How to develop a customized plan for each unique situation?
• A fifteen-step action plan to use – for you and for the employee.


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Don Minges, MBA

Don Minges, MBA, is the principal at The Knowledge Institute, LLC,, a leading CPE provider. Don also serves as a fractional CFO who works in diverse industries at various stages. His expertise is in profitability enhancement, strategic planning, venture capital, mergers & acquisitions, consulting, turnarounds, economic forecasting, cost accounting and financial analysis. Don has experience raising equity and has invested equity into promising businesses. He has served on the Board of Directors for several firms. Don graduated with highest honors from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke. Don's mission is to increase the value of the business.

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