Webinar: Indirect Rate Recovery for Non-Profits & Pass-Through Entities

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Our session will include a discussion regarding indirect rate strategies for cost recovery. We will cover negotiating indirect rates with pass-through entities and alternative indirect cost recovery methods. A look at applying the PPP Loan Forgiveness credit. Understanding the definition of sub-awards and the MTDC allocation base, and where best to allocate bonus expense. Included in this session will be a selected review of the Uniform Guidance FAQs regarding indirect rates for States and Municipalities, as well as recently issued FAQs that impact indirect rates and cost recovery.


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1.00 Accounting (Governmental)

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Public accountants, CFO, Director of Finance, Comptroller, Controller, Accounting Manager, Grants compliance, grants administrator, director of grants, executive director, auditors performing Single Audits.




Indirect rates Sub-recipient relationship with PTEs PPP loan forgiveness credit The District of Columbia and MD laws on settlement of indirect rates with PTEs 10% de mnimis rate vs. indirect rate negotiation


Learn about the benefits of using indirect rates, Understanding the limitations of the 10% de minimis indirect rate, How to work with your Pass-Through Entity (PTE) to negotiate an indirect rate, Dealing with grant close-out and resolving indirect rates, What some municipalities and state governments have done to ensure the opportunity to negotiate an indirect rate in lieu of the 10% de minimis indirect rate, and Problematic cost issues with sub-recipients.




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