Webinar: Communication Miracles At Work and In Life - Part 1

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Communication is the glue that connects people, but it doesn't come easy for many of us. If you want to quickly and effectively handle problems with co-workers or clients, and you want people to do what you want without a lot of hassle, this seminar is for you. The bottom line will be better client and co-worker relationships, leading to increased enjoyment and productivity at work.


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1.00 Communications & Marketing
1.00 Personal Development
2.00 Personnel/HR

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  1. Why people behave as they do, and how you can effectively motivate anyone to cooperate with you

How to judge if your communication is effective in motivating someone How to get someone to really hear you How to communicate so that someone will happily do what you want

  1. How to create trust and get people to like working with you

The 3 most important keys for getting someone to feel rapport with you Why rapport is so important, and how to use it to profit in your work How to quickly solve problems with people once you have their rapport

  1. How to handle difficult people

Why some people are difficult to deal with, and what you can do about it How you can turn a difficult employee or customer into a powerful asset How to easily solve problems with people who are upset at you

  1. Secret techniques that super-successful communicators use

How Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton are similar, and how you can tap into their "magic abilities" The three most important keys all successful communicators use


Create and maintain more business Learn the 3 key skills you need to empower others, create trust, and get people on "your side" Quickly solve problems with employees and co-workers, and reduce misunderstandings Motivate and effectively manage the people in your office so they'll do what you want them to do Handle difficult or "lazy" people in a way that quickly gets the results you desire Feel confident and at ease with clients, thereby leading to a more fulfilling time at work




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