Webinar: 2024 Forgotten Managerial Accounting Tools

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This session explores managerial accounting techniques with an emphasis on internal decision-making tools. You will appreciate a reminder regarding co


Number of Credits Type of Credits
2.00 Accounting

Designed For

Accountants who have not recently considered managerial accounting techniques and proficient managerial accountants who desire fresh, practical illustrations of managerial accounting analysis and related decisions


Basic working knowledge of financial statements and business processes


Cost-volume-profit analysis, including target profit and break-even calculations

Relevant costs and decision-making
Activity-based costing
Capital budgeting considerations
Overview of Excel capabilities for supporting managerial analysis


Revisit fundamental managerial accounting concepts that may not be part of your daily routine

Understand how to apply managerial accounting techniques to actual business circumstances
Identify tools for enhancing efficiency and effectiveness of analysis
Develop an appreciation for analytical techniques that support managerial decisions
Utilize analytical techniques to develop predictions




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