Live Stream: Advanced Individual Income Tax Return Issues

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Most CPAs have been preparing individual income tax returns for years, and while many of the returns are easy, there are always a number of issues that come up I busy season of which experienced practitioners whish they had more knowledge. This course is designed to explore the tough tax issues for experienced practitioners and help them provide better planning strategies and results for their higher income clients. This course has been updated for impacts of the Protecting Americans Against Tax Hikes (PATH) Act of 2015.


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6.75 CLE
8 Tax


Extensive experience in preparation of individual income tax returns


New issues for he current year tax return - Items added by the Affordable Care Act - Installment sales -- understanding the complicated issues - Form 8582: Passive losses with carryovers - - Complicated case with filled-in forms - Puts, calls, straddling, and unusual investment --Understanding the tax laws and reporting them correctly on the tax return - Capital gain and loss issues -- The problem with proper reporting of installment sales issues; capital gains and losses; when is a stock worthless; and much more - At-risk rules: What a return preparer really needs to know - Passive loss issues -- You can't just trust your software. That to watch out for, and the questions you need your clients to answer in order to do it right! - Incentive and nonqualified stock options -- Reporting; key strategies for planning; dealing with the alternative minimum tas - Alternative minimum tax -- Understanding it; planning strategies to avoid it; using the minimum tax credit; explaining it to a client -Form 6251: Detailed calculation example.


Understanding how to properly report advanced transactions in financial instruments and investments - Understand the special problems and new issues for the current return - Identify the causes of alternative minimum tax liability and what can be done to reduce or eliminate it


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Edward A. Harter, CPA

Edward A. Harter, CPA

Edward A. Harter is a general practitioner in Canton, Ohio who provides accounting and tax services to his clients.

Mr. Harter has been a partner in a multi-office firm with ten partners, a one-office firm with two partners, and a sole practitioner with only one support person. He has instructed CPE programs for 34 years and has presented CPE in all 50 states with consistent "excellent" ratings from program participants. He is continually commended for his ability to reduce complicated tax concepts to understandable English with his “real world” examples. In addition, he has held a number of leadership positions in The Ohio Society of CPAs.

Mr. Harter is a graduate of Kent State University.

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