13 Affordable Things You Can Do Today To Secure your Business

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Every day we hear of large companies getting hacked or having a data breach. These are only the ones that make the news. Every week millions of small to medium sized businesses are also facing the same dangers and with a smaller budget, are becoming the easier targets for hackers and scammers. Charles Henson Managing Partner of Nashville Computer will share with you the 12 affordable tools that every business small or large need to have in place to protect themselves from cyber criminals. We can no longer take a blind eye to what is happening all around us and just think that it will not happen to me. If you have a device connected to the Internet, it is now a target, just waiting for the criminals to attack it. Come and learn what you can do to protect your business, your reputation and how to avoid being the next victim. It’s not a matter of if you will be attacked, it’s a matter of when and will you be prepared?

This video was recorded at the 2017 Cyber Security Conference


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Charles Henson

Charles Henson has been in the IT industry for over twenty-five years, and is currently serving as Managing Partner for Nashville Computer. He started working for the growing firm in 1991.

In May 2010, he was invited to the Google Headquarters in California for his personal feedback on Google products. Redmond IT Magazine featured Charles regarding Backup Disaster Recovery Solutions. He was also featured in ChannelPro Magazine and hosts an online television show, InsecurITy TV on the Really Cool Humans TV Network. He’s an Amazon best-selling author. He has written three books, Hassle-Free Computer Support, Cloud Computing: A Guide for Executives & Business Owners and most recently The Business Owner’s Guide To I.T. And All Things Digital.

In his effort to give back, Charles is a mentor for other IT professionals. Each week he leads mastermind’s groups of IT leaders around the country, comparing notes and staying on top of technology problems, changes, and trends. In 2017, he took top honors at an international conference held by Robin Robins at the Omni Hotel in Nashville for his accomplishments and was named “Ambassador to the IT Industry”.

Charles is passionate about helping business owners and office staffs become well educated about all of the technologies that can help them grow, be more efficient, and stay safe dealing with today’s cyber security issues. Wanting to share his IT experience, he has become well known around the Nashville area through speaking engagements at seminars, giving interviews to news reporters, and hosting teleseminars and webinars.

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