Webcast: Audits of HUD-Assisted Projects

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Do your audits of HUD-assisted projects make the grade? Receive high marks when you are well-versed on HUD organizations, programs, policies, and procedures. Learn how to discern the various audit requirements for HUD programs and how to comply with specific HUD regulations, contracts, and procedures. Plus, review the latest developments on professional standards affecting particular federal programs and how these updates impact your audits. TOPICS DISCUSSED HUD programs Coverage of the consolidated HUD audit guide HUD's organization, programs, and policies Key regulatory and contract provisions Annual financial statement requirements Current developments in HUD housing programs Section 8 programs Auditing key regulatory and contract provisions Applying the Consolidated Audit Guide to HUD-regulated mortgagees


Number of Credits Type of Credits
4 Accounting and Auditing


LEARNING OBJECTIVES When you complete this course you will be able to: Recall HUD's organization, programs, and policies. Identify key concepts of the operating environment for property owners and projects with HUD-insured mortgages, direct loans, or capital grants. Recognize reasons a developer would choose to develop property with government assistance and, therefore, government oversight and regulation, when conventional financing is available Identify the specific requirements of Uniform Guidance, Audits of States, Local Governments and Not-for-Profit Organizations that differ from the HUD Consolidated Audit Guide. Identify the annual financial statement reporting requirements to HUD. Identify requirements for the separate agreed-upon procedures engagement prior to submission of the financial data templates to REAC and with HUD's policy on submission, review, and reporting requirements.




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