Webinar: What CPAs Need to Know about Elder Fraud to Protect Themselves and Clients

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Nearly half of CPAs who are personal financial planners reported in a recent AICPA survey that they have seen an increase in elder fraud and financial abuse over the last five years.

Scam artists, including family members, can easily take advantage of your most vulnerable clients, leading to problems to you. The AICPA alerted CPAs in the article, "The Growing Epidemic of Financial Elder Abuse."

In this session, Gary Zeune, CPA MAcct will interview David Kessler

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Gary will interview David Kessler, who will lead you through his investigations of cases of elder fraud and abuse and show you the warning signs that your clients or family members might be fraud victims.

  • Tonya Weiss preyed on older men who have lost their spouses and are lonely and vulnerable. What were the red flags that she was draining their bank accounts?
  • Charles Sellers did $5,000 of home "improvements" to Mrs. Andrews home.
  • The sister who drained a widowed mother's accounts.
  • Telemarketing fraudster Ricardo Bendinelli confessed to Kessler that he stole millions from the elderly.


  • Learn how CPAs can protect their clients and themselves.
  • Recognize the red flag of financial exploitation of the elderly.
  • Learn how to report theft or fraud on behalf of the elderly victim.
  • Understand how fraud and financial exploitation of the elderly is a crime, not a family or civil matter.




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