TSCPA Hosts Accounting Curriculum Training for High School Teachers

August 2, 2017

In an effort to increase the amount of high school students taking college-prep accounting courses across the state, the Tennessee Society of CPAs partnered with the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) and the Kentucky Society of CPAs to bring the third annual Accounting Pilot and Bridge Project (APBP) to Tennessee.

TSCPA had eight high school teachers from across the state attend the training to learn how to teach the advanced accounting course. In addition, TSCPA hosted attendees from Indiana, Kentucky and Michigan. Over the past six years, the APBP program has trained nearly 1,000 high school teachers in 45 states.

The pilot program, developed by Dr. Dan Deines of Kansas State University and Joe Bittner of the University of Connecticut, works towards the development of an Advanced Placement (AP) Accounting course with CollegeBoard. According to the APBP website, there is currently no systemic link between high school accounting teachers and college/university accounting programs, or even AP classes in any business discipline. The APBP program is working to bridge this gap.

To learn more, visit www.tscpa.com/education/educator-resources.