TNTAP Tips for Upcoming Filing Season

February 9, 2018

The Tennessee Department of Revenue is preparing to add more taxes to its new online filing system called TNTAP (Tennessee Taxpayer Access Point). The second phase of the tax system will go live at the end of May 2018. At that time, the following taxes will also be available in TNTAP:

  • franchise and excise tax
  • business tax
  • Hall income tax
  • motor carrier taxes

Most of these tax types have tax returns and payments due before the end of May. Anything due before that time should be filed the same way you always have. Anything filed after May 2018 will be filed in TNTAP.

Please note: At close of business on May 18, the current online filing websites for these taxes will be unavailable. This is to ensure that everything is processed before the second phase goes live at the end of May.

The following are some useful tips to help identify what functions should be done before and after these taxes are available in TNTAP.

Extension Filings and Payments

The due date for most franchise & excise tax and Hall income tax returns is April 17, 2018. Taxpayers who file by this date will file how they always have, using approved software or the Department’s current portals (https://apps.tn.gov/fnetax/ or https://apps.tn.gov/etax/).

If your client has an extension for franchise and excise tax or Hall income tax and has a return or payment due after May 2018, the return and/or payment can be made on TNTAP or through approved software. Any payments warehoused through the current F&E filing website (www.apps.tn.gov/fnetax) will be converted at the end of May 2018. No further action is needed. 

Filing and Paying Without Logging In

Some return and payment options will be available in TNTAP without the need to create a TNTAP username and password. We call this a “non-logon” option. This includes:

  • Minimum $100 franchise & excise tax return
  • Hall income tax return
  • Payments (including extensions, estimated, and return payments) 
  • Franchise and excise tax exemption application and renewal (FAE 183)

A tax preparer or client can make a payment without logging in, even if the return is submitted using software. These non-logon features are only available for these tax types after they go live in TNTAP at the end of May.

Benefits of TNTAP

Many of the great features of TNTAP are only available by creating a TNTAP logon. Some of the benefits of having a TNTAP account include:

  • Sending messages to the Department
  • Viewing account payments, returns, and balances
  • Submitting penalty waiver requests and claims for refunds
  • Viewing carry forwards and estimated payments on franchise & excise tax accounts
  • Updating business information such as name, address, and contacts

If you need help creating a TNTAP logon, visit www.tntapinfo.com to find a step-by-step video and checklists covering the information you need to create the logon.

Business Tax Deadlines & License Renewals

We encourage all business tax filers to complete and submit their returns as soon as possible. There are two due dates very close to the TNTAP go live date at the end of May:

1)    Businesses with a December 31 fiscal year end: You must file your business tax return and payment by April 17, 2018.

2)    Businesses with a January 31 fiscal year end: You must file business tax return on May 15, 2018.

Any late filers may experience a delay in receiving their license renewals from the county or municipal clerks, so we encourage you to file any business tax returns as soon as you have reporting information available.

Contacting the Department

  • The Taxpayer Services General Call Center can be reached at (615) 253-0600 or
    (800) 342-1003.
  • You can also contact us through the Department’s Revenue Help page. The Department has more than 900 self-help articles about topics such as creating a TNTAP logon, filing a return, making a payment, and more. If you cannot find the answer to your question from the self-help articles, you can submit a request to the Department and an agent will answer your question.