TSCPA Talks Podcast

May 18, 2016

TSCPA Talks is our new podcast, featuring CPA smarts & CPA stories from our members and leaders in the field.

Stream each episode straight from this page, or add it to your RSS feed via SoundCloud. It is also available to stream or download on iTunes and Stitcher.

Episode #11 - Karen Burton

TSCPA Talks with Karen Burton, Chair of our Young CPA Workgroup and a tax manager at CBIZ MHM in Memphis, about the issues facing young professionals, how "work/life success" means different things for different people and how companies are recognizing the value in giving their employees flexibility.

Episode #10 - Barry Mathis

TSCPA Talks with Barry Mathis, Consulting Principal, Information Technology for PYA, about the fast-paced world of health care IT, how innovations in tech always bring new security issues and how a boyhood love of Atari started his fascination with technology. Click here to register for TSCPA's Health Care Conference and see him live.

Episode #9 - David Morgan

TSCPA Talks with David Morgan, co-founder of LBMC and a past president of TSCPA, about how his firm has grown over the years, the importance of guiding young entrepreneurs and giving back, the ever-evolving role of technology in accounting, and his passion for wine.

Episode #8 - Michael Brand

TSCPA Talks with Michael Brand, a partner with Johnson, Feigley, Newton & Brand, about current issues in accounting, the importance of mentorship and, of course, where to find great BBQ. Brand will be presenting at TSCPA's Chattanooga Cluster on Sept. 19-21. Click here for more info and to register.


Episode #7 - Chris Kuehl

TSCPA Talks with Dr. Chris Kuehl, the managing director and co-founder of Armada Corporate Intelligence and the chief economist for the National Association for Credit Management, among many other roles. He will be presenting at TSCPA's Financial Institutions Conference on Sept. 26, which you can register for here.


Episode #6 - Mark Burnette

TSCPA Talks with Mark Burnette, a partner with LBMC Information Security and a presenter at TSCPA's upcoming Cyber Security Conference. For more information on the Cyber Security Conference and to register, click here.


Episode #5 - Anita Hamilton

TSCPA Talks with Anita Hamilton, CPA, Vice Chair of TSCPA's Board of Directors and the recipient of the 2016 TSCPA Public Service Award. We had a great discussion about the many organizations she's involved with, the meaning of public service, how to find the right organization for you, and how "you always get back more than you put in."

Episode #4 - Beth Terry

TSCPA Talks with Beth Terry, a resilience and stress expert, keynote speaker and author. Beth will be presenting two talks at TSCPA's Women's Career Summit on Sept. 20. Visit Beth's website here.


Episode #3 - Courtney Kirschbaum

TSCPA Talks with Courtney Kirshbaum, a human development and high performance expert who specializes in helping young professionals choose the right career and achieve mastery in it. She will be presenting three talks at the TSCPA Women's Career Summit on Sept. 20. Visit her website here


Episode #2 - Peter Margaritis

TSCPA Talks with speaker Peter Margaritis, CPA, the founder of The Accidental Accountant, about his upcoming "Eight Hour MBA" seminars for TSCPA members, as well as his book Improv Is No Joke, how the rules of improv comedy can help accountants and much more. Peter will be presenting in Nashville in August and in Memphis in December. Click here to browse his courses and register for the one nearest you. Click here to check out his website. Enjoy!


Episode #1 - Charlie Dillingham

TSCPA Talks with member Charlie Dillingham, CPA, about his work with the non-profit coffeehouse The Well, which donates all of its profits to building wells and water purification systems around the world.