Meeting Space Rental

TSCPA has 4,400 square feet of recently renovated meeting space available for your next event. Our arrangement is designed to accommodate 160 people theater-style or 128 classroom-style, and we offer a spacious conference room that seats 22. Each room is equipped for audio-visual presentations, including access to state-of-the-art equipment and free wi-fi access. Special needs are easily met upon request.

Continental breakfast, lunch and snacks are also available on request, and our unique set up allows for unlimited coffee, tea, filtered water and soft drink service, including both Coke and Pepsi products.

Our staff is always available to guide you through an on-site inspection of this excellent meeting space in Brentwood! For more information, please contact Megan Williams at 615/377-3825.

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Rooms & Rates

 DimensionsSeating Capacity*Rate
Knoxville Room 32’ x 24’ 40 $425
Chattanooga Room 32’ x 24’ 40 $425
Nashville Room 32’ x 24’ 32 $425
Two-Room Rental 32’ x 48’ 72 $795
Three-Room Rental 32’ x 72’ 128 $1,115
Memphis Boardroom 48’ x 39’ 14-16 Conference $795
John Glenn Conference Room 16’ x 16’ 6 Conference $425

*Seating capacity listed for classroom-style room setup, unless otherwise specified. For other configurations, please contact TSCPA's on-site event coordinator.


Audio & Visual Equipment

Audiovisual requirements will be set up to your specifications, and the appropriate fees will be added to your invoice. Requests for audiovisual equipment should be made at least two weeks in advance. Please see the audiovisual section below for available equipment and pricing.

If our equipment is in use by another group, we will order what you need from an outside supplier and add the fees to your invoice. Additional equipment can be arranged from outside suppliers for an additional fee.

You may bring audiovisual or other electronic equipment subject to TSCPA approval. However, the TSCPA staff is not available to help with loading or set-up of outside equipment. Additionally, the TSCPA is not liable for damage or loss, as stated in the "Damages/Security" section.

Audio & Visual Rates

  • 3000+ lumen Data Projector & Screen - $195
  • Wireless Lapel Microphone - $85
  • Conference Speaker Phone & Line- $85
  • DVD Player - $25
  • Need others to attend your meeting remotely? TSCPA is now offering Live Stream and recording services as an additional amenity. Please contact us for details and pricing.
  • Slide Advancer / Laser Pointer - $25
  • Flipchart/Markers - $35
  • Additional Pads - $25
  • Easel - $20

Catering Options

TSCPA maintains a list of approved caterers for use when renting meeting space. Meeting center clients are responsible for setting up all catering arrangements and must follow TSCPA guidelines when making these arrangements. See the approved catering list and catering guidelines below. If there is a caterer you wish to use who is not listed, please contact us and we will review your request.

Please note that TSCPA must approve the caterer and the menu items to be served in the TSCPA meeting center prior to your event. TSCPA makes all efforts to run as a "green" facility, meaning no food may be served from Styrofoam or heavy plastic containers. Only boxed lunches packaged in paper are allowed in the TSCPA meeting center. Each of the TSCPA-approved caterers follows this guideline. TSCPA makes every effort to eliminate the amount of waste coming out of the meeting center and to ensure that waste is environmentally friendly. Additionally, certain menu items are prohibited from being served, such as soups, chili, barbecue and baked potato bars.

The list of TSCPA-approved caterers is as follows:

Buffet Service 
Apple Spice Catering Co.
Barker's Mill Catering 
Blue Diamond Catering
Dream Events & Catering
Jersey Mike's
Jimmy John's

McAlister's Deli

Panera Bread

Puffy Muffin (Brentwood location)

Taziki's Mediterranean Cafe

Unlimited Beverage Service

TSCPA provides a non-optional unlimited beverage service to all meeting center clients; therefore, outside beverages are not permitted in the meeting center. Unlimited beverage services includes coffee, tea, filtered water, and Coca-Cola and Pepsi products. For meetings and events of four (4) hours or more, TSCPA will add a charge of $10 per person to your invoice for this service. For meetings and events of four (4) hours or less, a charge of $6 per person will be added to your invoice. TSCPA beverages may not be taken from the meeting center.

On-Site Event Coordinator

TSCPA provides an on-site event coordinator who serves as the main contact for all meeting center clients. The coordinator will work with the client on scheduling meetings, event contracts and billing, room set-up and audiovisual requests.

Free Parking

TSCPA has ample parking available at the meeting center, with a private lot easily accessible to all guests visiting the building.

Free Wireless Internet

Wireless access comes standard with all meeting center rentals, allowing your guests to stay connected during meetings. The front desk receptionist is available to provide login assistance during your event.

Spacious Break Area

A large break area is available for your use at the meeting center. The break area includes glass-front coolers that are accessible to all guests as part of the unlimited beverage service, a flat-screen TV hanging on the wall for viewing during breaks, a computer with Internet access and a phone line for guests to use. TSCPA asks that all food and beverages be kept in the break area during your event.

Ergonomic Furnishings

The TSCPA meeting center is equipped with 5-foot tables and adjustable chairs for the comfort of meeting attendees.

Booking Information

To reserve the TSCPA Meeting Center for your next event, contact Megan Williams at 615/377-3825. Please note that a signed contract is required to hold space for an event.

Rental Policies & Procedures

All reservations and agreements are made upon and are subject to the rental policies of the TSCPA Meeting Center, hence referred to as the Meeting Center, and the following conditions:


All functions must be sponsored by a person (the Patron or Contact) who must be directly responsible to the Meeting Center for making all arrangements and for the billing thereof, and should be in attendance. If this person is unable to attend, there should be an on-site contact designated on the Event Order. These contacts will be the only people authorized to approve any changes from the specifications on the Event Order, including the number and times of breaks to be held.


An estimated maximum attendance must be given when the original booking occurs. All bookings may be confirmed up to 30 days in advance. The final guarantee must be specified 48 hours in advance. This number is the total number of people using the room including guest speakers, instructors, etc. Additionally, this number will serve as the basis for the minimum lunch and break charge and is not subject to reduction.

Any arrangements for special requests (i.e. special menus, break requests and audiovisual equipment) should be made at least two weeks in advance. TSCPA reserves the right to limit the occupancy of the Meeting Center conference rooms. If attendance exceeds the maximum occupancy for the booked room, TSCPA reserves the right to enforce the maximum occupancy rules.

Rental space is allocated based on the expected attendance at the time of the booking by the patron. TSCPA reserves the right to change the space allocation dependent on the final guarantee of attendance. Should a group desire a larger meeting room than the group number commands and we have space available, the additional room fee will be charged.

Public Space

TSCPA's normal rental hours are 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Patron should confirm availability beyond these hours with the TSCPA staff contact. Since TSCPA is not a hotel staffed 24 hours a day, arrangements must be made ahead of time for a staff person to be present. Patron will be charged at the rate of $90 per hour for any time beyond these normal rental hours.

As TSCPA often has many activities going on at the same time, we ask that meeting room doors remain closed during the meeting and that all meeting activities are confined to the allocated meeting room.

If any excessive cleanup is necessary after the meeting, a $25 fee will be charged to the patron. To avoid this, please make use of the trashcans provided throughout the building. If the cans are overflowing, a TSCPA staff person should be notified.

TSCPA functions are given priority in the allocation of the meeting facilities. Facilities will be rented accordingly. Therefore, TSCPA reserves the right to cancel any event order at any time, with or without cause, upon written notice to patron. Any cancellation by TSCPA or patron will be subject to cancellation penalties as stated in these policies and procedures.

In accordance with the Tennessee Non-Smoker Protection Act, TSCPA is a smoke-free building. Designated smoking areas include the rear parking lot of the TSCPA building and the sidewalk along Powell Place in front of the TSCPA building.

Music and Special Equipment

The patron must have prior approval for all details of the entertainment, music and/or any special arrangements from the Meeting Center. Special equipment that has not been approved by the Meeting Center will not be permitted, including but not limited to any materials that are to be affixed to the walls. In the event this is done without our authorization, any damages will be billed to the patron.

Staff Assistance

A staff person will be available to assist you with any needs that may arise. To receive assistance from a member of the TSCPA staff, please check with the receptionist at the front desk.

Phones, Web Connection and Messages

Although there is a phone available in the kitchen area, we ask that guests limit calls to three minutes, as the TSCPA staff uses these lines to conduct business.

Wireless Internet access comes standard with all rentals. Please see the registration desk for login information.

A PC is located in the meeting center's kitchen that is equipped with a high-speed Internet connection. This has been installed as a convenience to those who attend meetings in the office, and it will allow easy access to the web to check emails and retrieve any other website information that they may need.

You are encouraged to check the registration desk located in the foyer during each break. If we receive a phone call for a group member it is our policy to take a message unless there is an emergency, in which case we will interrupt the meeting.


All breaks are held in the kitchen area. TSCPA will provide continuous break service. Please leave the break set-up in this area so that other groups may use them and we can provide better service for you.

Climate Control

We have found that the most efficient use of the heating and cooling system is to leave the room temperature setting at 74 degrees in the winter and 72 degrees in the summer. Please check with your TSCPA staff contact if you need to adjust the temperature.


Audiovisual requirements will be set up to your specifications and the appropriate fees will be added to your invoice. Requests for audiovisual equipment should be made at least two weeks in advance. (Please see the audiovisual section for available equipment and pricing.)

If our equipment is in use by another group, we will order what you need from an outside supplier and add the fees to your invoice. Additional equipment can be arranged from outside suppliers for an additional fee.

You may bring audiovisual or other electronic equipment subject to TSCPA approval. However, the TSCPA staff is not available to help with loading or set-up of outside equipment. Additionally, the TSCPA is not liable for damage or loss, as stated in the "Damages/Security" section.


The charge for photocopying is 10 cents per simplex page. This will be added to your invoice. The Meeting Center does not have the facilities or staff to do a large volume of photocopying. Therefore, we respectfully request that this service be used only in extreme circumstances.

Damages/Security and Storage

The patron agrees to be responsible for any damages done to the premises or any other part of the Meeting Center by the Patron, his/her guests, employees or any other agents during the period of time such person(s) are under the Patron’s control, or the control of any independent contractor hired by the Patron.

TSCPA will not assume any responsibility for damages or loss of any merchandise or articles left in the Meeting Center prior to, during or following the Patron’s function.

Patron’s material or equipment for presentations at the Meeting Center may be temporarily stored at the Meeting Center upon prior approval of TSCPA.


TSCPA will direct bill for all functions to the address requested upon booking the Meeting Center. All projected rental fees (room rental, audiovisual and catering fees) are due prior to the actual meeting date. TSCPA will release meeting space if the fees are not received 48 hours prior to meeting date. All miscellaneous charges will be invoiced after the date of the function and are due upon receipt. A 1.5 percent finance charge will be assessed monthly on all amounts not paid within 30 days of the invoice date.

Rental fees are subject to change without written notice, but will not be altered for a particular function once the patron and TSCPA have confirmed in writing the booking of the Meeting Center.


TSCPA would appreciate early notice of your group’s cancellation. The following cancellation penalties will be applied if the meeting cancellation is required by the patron or TSCPA.

Cancellations made:

  • More than 30 calendar day prior to the meeting - no penalty
  • From 30 calendar days to 1 week prior to the meeting - 50% of room rental
  • Within 1 week of the meeting - 100% of room rental

If TSCPA is not notified that the meeting has been cancelled, the group will be charged the full amount of the room rate, audiovisual and catering fees. TSCPA reserves the right to cancel any booking, with or without cause, upon written notice to patron.


By signing and returning the Event Order the Patron hereby agrees to these rental polices. Performance of this agreement is contingent upon the ability of the TSCPA to complete the same, and is subject to any causes, whether enumerated herein or not, which are beyond the control of the TSCPA. In no event shall the TSCPA be liable for the loss of profit or other similar or dissimilar collateral of damages, whether based on breach of contract, warranty or otherwise.