Educator Resources

TSCPA is dedicated to supporting educators in Tennessee who are in a key position to inspire and develop the CPAs of tomorrow! We have a number of resources designed to help educate and promote the accounting profession and the benefits of a CPA designation.

Discover Accounting


 Do you have students trying to decide on their future career? Want something give them something more hands-on?

TSCPA’s virtual Discover Accounting Program is designed to introduce students to the CPA profession, either in a live or virtual classroom setting. Participating students will explore opportunities offered by the profession and will become familiar with the educational and licensure requirements for CPAs. Students will have the opportunity to hear from and interact with Tennessee CPAs working in various positions and industries across the state. This model allows your students to attend the program from home or school, and offers you the option to schedule a CPA to speak to the class through either an in-person or virtual visit. The program can be used in the classroom by educators or viewed by students on their own.
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Request a Speaker

Would you like a CPA to speak to your class? Fill out a request form for a Classroom Q&A with a CPA and we can help you arrange for a CPA in your community to speak to your class

Additional Educator Materials

TSCPA offers scholarships to students who have completed introductory courses in accounting and/or students majoring in accounting.

TSCPA College Educator Members are mailed a promotional kit for the TSCPA Scholarship Program each year.

Printed promotional kits are available and can be mailed to you upon request. Printed kits will include:
  • Poster - One printed poster to place in your classroom. More available upon request.
  • Handout - Ten printed handouts for students in your classroom that explain the application process and the link to the online application. More available upon request.

Click here to learn more about the Scholarship Program or contact Megan Williams at or 615-377-3825.

Educational Websites

Developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), this site offers information to high school and college students on the CPA profession, education, career tools, and the CPA exam and licensure. Educatosr will also find an Academic Resource Hub with resources to use in the classroom. Educators can sign up for a free AICPA membership here.


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