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Current Trends in Estate/Gift Tax Valuations

January 15, 2023 This article summarizes the Current Trends in Estate/Gift Tax Valuations presentation given at the Forensic and Valuation Services Conference sponsored by TSCPA on Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2022. Following a summary of recent developments, this article provides in-depth analysis of the recent Michael Jackson case from the Tax Court.

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Mentoring Basics - Help Strengthen the Next Generation of CPAs

January 15, 2023 There has been much conversation in the accounting profession as of late about how to strengthen the pipeline and retain talented staff. Integrating new technologies, cultivating a culture of work-life balance and offering hybrid work arrangements have all been popular ideas among firms and organizations.

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5 Ways To Enhance Diversity and Inclusion

January 15, 2023 With most initiatives, it is easy to determine the resources, schedule and funding needed to achieve success. However, in the case of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), we too often only see “don’t give up” statements. Even the staunchest allies can get fatigued and wonder if we are truly making the progress that will undo the generations of challenges that have brought us to this point.

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Quality Management Standards – The Clock Is Already Ticking

January 15, 2023 By now, you should be aware of the new Statement of Quality Management Standards (and related new audit and compilation and review standards) issued in June 2022. The July/August 2022 Tennessee CPA Journal included a good article that covered the requirements of these new standards. Every firm that performs attest work will be impacted by these changes.

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TSCPA Federal Tax Committee Liaison Report

January 15, 2023 TSCPA’s Federal Tax Committee met virtually with representatives from the IRS at the Tennessee Practitioner Liaison meeting on Dec. 13, 2022. Speakers from IRS divisions presented updates on issues affecting the tax practitioner community and engaged in discussions with the committee’s members and guests.

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TSCPA State Tax Committee Liaison Meeting Report

January 15, 2023 TSCPA’s State Tax Committee met with representatives from the Tennessee Department of Revenue at the State Tax Liaison meeting on Dec. 8. The State Tax Committee meets semi-annually with state tax officials to stay up to date on tax trends and changes, as well as discuss issues of importance to Tennessee CPAs.

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