Tennessee CPA Political Action Committee

The Tennessee CPA Political Action Committee (TCPA/PAC) was founded in 1978 to establish the accounting profession as a concerned, involved political constituency. TCPA/PAC makes campaign contributions on behalf of the CPA profession to qualified candidates for the state legislature who will listen to the profession’s view on important issues.

Contributing to TCPA/PAC gives you the opportunity to have a statewide impact on the election of candidates who will shape the legislation and laws that affect our businesses and the profession. When you contribute, you support quality legislators, and therefore, the quality of the legislation that controls your livelihood.

TCPA/PAC has trustees from every part of the state who establish policy and determine how the PAC spends funds. The PAC is non-partisan in its selection of candidates to support, taking into consideration the record, program and quality of each candidate. Your support is especially important for the PAC to remain active during an election year!

If you’re interested in contributing, use the donation box to the right to make an online donation or send your check to TCPA/PAC, 201 Powell Place, Brentwood, TN 37027. Partnership checks are acceptable, but each partner’s share of the total contribution must be indicated. As the result of legislation enacted by the General Assembly in 2011, corporate contributions to PACs are now permitted. If your practice is organized as a corporation and you would prefer to make a contribution from the corporation, we will be happy to accept it.

For more information, call TSCPA at 615/377-3825.

PAC Contribution

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