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SELLING YOUR FIRM? Accounting Biz Brokers has been selling CPA firms for over 14 years and we know your market. Selling your firm is complex. Working together we can simplify the process. We have a large database of buyers ready to purchase. Our “Six Steps to Success” process for selling your firm includes a personalized, confidential approach to bringing you the "win-win" deal you are looking for. Our brokers are Certified Business Intermediaries (CBI) specializing in the sale of CPA firms. We are here to assist you in navigating the entire sales process – from marketing to negotiating, to closing and successfully transitioning the firm. Contact us TODAY to receive a free market analysis of your firm's value!

Current Listings: New: Wilson Co Gross $305k; Knoxville Gross $350k; Columbia Gross $285k-Sale Pending, Chattanooga Area Gross $1M-SOLD.

Kathy Brents, CPA CBI at 866-260-2793 or, or visit our website at


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