Regulatory Feedback Form

TSCPA’s Federal Tax, State Tax, Governmental and Financial Institutions committees meet regularly with their respective federal and state regulatory bodies. A significant portion of the meetings’ agendas are devoted to addressing issues reported by TSCPA members.

The committees invite you to submit your feedback by using the form below. Please note that the goal of soliciting member input is to assist the committees in addressing systemic issues and problems of general concern, as well as providing suggestions for streamlining processes or making procedural improvements. In submitting your feedback, please be as specific as possible, using the official names for forms, pronouncements, etc., when appropriate. Also, be sure to note which regulatory body your report deals with, so that it can be routed to the appropriate committee for review.

Forms can be submitted at any time.


  • Federal Regulatory Bodies: Internal Revenue Service, FDIC.
  • State Regulatory Bodies: Department of Revenue, Department of Employment Security, Department of Economic Development, Comptroller’s Office, Department of Financial Institutions, Secretary of State.