Webinar: Powerful Reporting with Cube Formulas

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The Excel Data Model (an OLAP cube) can be viewed as a multi-dimensional PivotTable. The intersections of the rows, columns, and other dimensions are summarized in the cube and can be extracted into a report using cube functions that specify the desired intersections. Hence, a PivotTable is not required to summarize and report data stored in the Excel Data Model. Excel has seven built-in cube functions for creating reports without using a PivotTable, while maintaining the ability to refresh a report as the underlying data changes. Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to use cube formulas to produce dynamic formal reports from the Excel Data Model.


Number of Credits Type of Credits
2 Other


Good working knowledge of PivotTables and the Excel Data Model


Overview of the cube functions available in ExcelUnderstanding the Data Model and how to specify an intersection Building cube formulas that can be copied down and across Creating reports using implicit and explicit measures


Upon completing this course, you should be able to:

  • List the seven cube functions available in Excel
  • Use a PivotTable to create an implicit measure
  • Create explicit measures using PowerPivot or from the PivotTable Field List in Excel 2016
  • Describe the process of creating formal reports with cube functions
  • Employ mixed cell references in formulas to build complex reports quickly and easily




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