IRS Opens Online Portal for Filing Form 1099 Information Returns

January 25, 2023

The IRS recently announced that businesses can now file Form 1099-series information returns using a new free online portal called the Information Returns Intake System (IRIS).

Currently, IRIS accepts Forms 1099 for tax year 2022 and later. The platform is available to any business, but the IRS said that it could be especially helpful to any small business that currently sends their 1099 forms on paper to the IRS. No special software is required.

Filers can use the platform to create, upload, edit and view information and download completed copies of 1099-series forms for distribution and verification. Businesses can e-file both small and large volumes of forms by either keying in the information or uploading a file with the use of a downloadable template. The platform automatically detects filing errors and provides alerts for missing information.

The Filing Information Returns Electronically (FIRE) system will remain available for bulk filing Form 1099 series and the other information returns through at least the 2023 filing season.

Enrollment for the IRIS filing platform is now open. For more information, visit irs.gov/iris.