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State Legislature Holds Special Session

September 17, 2019 On Aug. 23 the Tennessee General Assembly convened for a special session to officially elect a new Speaker of the House due to the recent resignation of former Speaker Glen Casada.

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AICPA and NASBA Working Together

August 21, 2019 AICPA and NASBA recently introduced the Alliance for Responsible Professional Licensing (ARPL), a coalition focused on educating lawmakers and the public about the importance of maintaining rigorous professional licensing standards for advanced professions such as accounting, architecture and engineering.

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A Simple Tool That Revolutionizes Workplace Communications: SBAR

August 19, 2019 So you need to communicate a recommendation quickly to another coworker. Or you need to communicate something complex to your boss. In most cases, you will simply start talking and the person on the receiving end of the message will have to sort through your conversation to get to the core recommendation.

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