Thomas Receives CPA of the Year Award From Tennessee Society of CPAs

July 6, 2023

BRENTWOOD, Tenn. – John Thomas, CPA, of Cordova, was recently presented with the Tennessee Society of Certified Public Accountants’ (TSCPA) 2023 TSCPApex CPA of the Year Award.

The TSCPApex Awards Program recognizes the many ways that individuals contribute significant time, energy and intellect to developing the accounting profession and fostering its success. The CPA of the Year Award recognizes a CPA who has made outstanding contributions toward advancing the accounting profession.

In his service to TSCPA, Thomas was a member of the Peer Review Committee for nearly 20 years, served as TSCPA Memphis Chapter President and on several chapter committees, and served as a member of TSCPA Council.

Few members of the society can say they had their first exposure to the accounting profession during the years of World War II – but for Thomas, that was the case. When he was in high school, Thomas worked for his parents’ accounting firm adding numbers because there was a metal shortage due to the war and his parents only had one metal adding machine. Not long after, Thomas served in the military himself when his Tennessee National Guard unit was activated at the end of his second year of college. Thomas served in the Korean War, where he was awarded the Purple Heart. Upon returning home, he continued to work in the accounting profession and became a CPA in 1960.

Over the years, Thomas’s career has taken him to many states and other countries to perform hotel auditing procedures. He was also the lead audit partner for auditing Shelby County’s financial operations for 12 years and has testified in courts as an expert witness. Today, at 93 years old, Thomas still practices public accounting in his firm.

John Thomas
John Thomas