TSCPA Welcomes 37 Successful Candidates Who Recently Passed the CPA Exam

September 15, 2023

Jordan Osborne

Amber D. Blevins
Kurt Grever-Hoover
Bailey A. Lancaster
Hannah K. Sanders
Mackenzie Tapley

Elk Valley
William P. Holder

Molly A. Griffin
Richard Jenkins
Jeremy G. Lawson
Stephen M. Ross

Morgan Daugherty
Toimeka R. Evans
William B. Hetherington

Garrett T. Alvey
John C. Campbell
Bridges Cook
Mary B. Graves
Benjamin Kruse
Christopher L. Leffler
Zane A. North
Abram Pentecost
Brandon T. Rooney
Alan Stewart
Wesley T. Stites
Benjamin R. Tucker
Bradley S. Westfall
Adam Wilks

Upper Cumberland
Dylan E. Texcahua

Out of State
Rachel C. Crocker
Gregory S. King
Shuyi Li
Forrest G. Smith
Jonathan B. Tyler
Adam Wright
Zhiyang Zhang

Out of Country
Qinghua Zou

This article was originally published in the September/October 2023 Tennessee CPA Journal.