Harnessing the Power of Volunteerism: TSCPA's 2023 Collective Effort

April 24, 2024

National Volunteer Week, celebrated each April during Global Volunteer Month, is a time to acknowledge and appreciate the transformative power of volunteers. TSCPA is especially grateful to its members who exemplify the true spirit of Tennessee’s volunteerism and community service.

In 2023, more than 300 members generously dedicated their personal time, expertise, and resources to enrich the CPA profession by serving on a committee or as a leader at the state or chapter level. 

Thanks to the efforts of those volunteers, TSCPA successfully hosted 77 chapter meetings, educational sessions, and social events. These gatherings were crucial in fostering a tight-knit and engaged professional community. Our volunteers also promoted accounting careers to over 2,600 students across Tennessee ranging from elementary to college level, planting the seeds for a future generation of accounting professionals.

TSCPA members also showed their commitment through the substantial financial support provided to aspiring accountants, with $275,000 awarded in scholarships to 108 students. These efforts were supplemented by strategic engagements in diversity, equity, and inclusion, aimed at creating a more inclusive profession. Collaborative meetings with organizations like the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA) and the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) were pivotal in these initiatives.

TSCPA members have been instrumental in advocating for the profession at both state and federal levels, helping to shape legislation that supports and promotes the accounting profession. They also represented TSCPA before important regulatory bodies such as the IRS and the Tennessee Department of Revenue, ensuring that our profession's voice was heard in crucial regulatory discussions.

Our volunteers' contributions also supported Tennessee CPA firms in maintaining compliance with peer review requirements and enhancing their quality of work through the review and acceptance of 145 firm peer review reports and associated corrective actions.  

Richard W. Hill, CPA, is a prime example of the profound impact of volunteering. He shared, "For every hour I spend as a volunteer, I have gotten back much more in personal and professional growth." Richard’s involvement spans various committees and advisory boards, amassing 300-400 hours of volunteer service annually. His experience is a testament to the rewarding nature of giving back to the profession—each volunteer hour enriching his own career as well as enhancing the profession.

Shannon Burger, Chair of the TSCPA Governmental and not-for-profit Conference Planning Committee, echoes this sentiment, stating, “I continue to volunteer on this committee for a variety of reasons, but most importantly, because I am passionate about providing the most impactful educational opportunities to our state.” Shannon’s passion and dedication illuminate how our volunteers not only face challenges but also transform them into learning opportunities that benefit CPAs across Tennessee.

We thank each and every TSCPA volunteer for their dedication and hard work. Your contributions have truly made a difference, fostering growth and enhancing the integrity of our profession. It is through your efforts that TSCPA continues to thrive as a strong, community-focused organization. Thank you for making 2023 a remarkable year of service and impact.