TNTAP Rollout Two: More Taxes Added Soon!

May 8, 2018

The Department of Revenue is adding more taxes to TNTAP at the end of May 2018. These taxes are:

  • Franchise and excise tax
  • Business tax
  • Hall income tax
  • Motor carrier taxes and fees

As tax professionals, there are steps you can take before and after Rollout Two to ensure that you have everything you need to access these tax accounts in TNTAP once they are available. Please read below for details about how you can prepare for Rollout Two.

Before Rollout

  • Returns Due in May before Rollout Two: Business tax accounts with a fiscal year end of 1/31 file on May 15, which is before business tax is added to TNTAP. This tax should be filed and paid as it has been in prior years.  
  • Online Filing Websites: The current online filing websites for business tax, Hall income tax, and franchise and excise tax will not be available after May 18, 2018. Electronic filing for these taxes through our website will be unavailable starting May 18 until Rollout Two, which is scheduled to go live by May 29. Please file these taxes before May 18 or after May 29 when they are in TNTAP.
  • Filing Using Software: Returns submitted through software after May 18 will be accepted and will be processed with the date of the submission. However, you will not receive an acknowledgement of the acceptance until the end of May.
  • Gather Account Information: As with Rollout One, you will need to provide account information to verify that you can access tax accounts in TNTAP. We recommend gathering all required information before these taxes are added to TNTAP to ensure you have everything you need to access the accounts, including the business’s entity ID, account ID, zip code and a recent payment amount. A complete checklist of the information you will need can be found on our website at www.tntapinfo.com under the “Coming Soon” section.  

After Rollout Two at the end of May

  • TNTAP Homepage: You will notice some improvements to the homepage of TNTAP with Rollout Two. These improvements are designed to make TNTAP easier to use while adding new functionality such as requesting a tax clearance or applying for a franchise and excise tax exemption.
  • Returns Due in June after Rollout Two: Click here  to find information about what you can do in TNTAP for each Rollout Two tax type and whether you will need a TNTAP logon to file the return.
  • Filing Using Software: If you use software to file or pay any taxes in Rollout Two, the process will not change. Software providers have been contacted regarding changes that will occur with Rollout Two. However, Rollout Two will result in no changes to the MEF files we receive from the IRS. Your software vendor will continue to submit the files in the same manner as they have in the past.
  • Estimated Payments: Estimated and scheduled payments that were warehoused prior to Rollout Two - will be converted. You can continue to schedule these payments through your software provider when returns are filed. You can also use TNTAP to schedule additional estimated payments. TNTAP will allow you to make changes to the dollar amount of estimated payments during the fiscal year and schedule dates of the withdrawal from you clients’ bank account. Changes to payments on TNTAP can only happen if the payment was scheduled on TNTAP, not through a software vendor.
  • Consolidated Accounts: Like sales tax, business tax will be consolidated when it is added to TNTAP. This means that each taxpayer has only one business tax account ID, even if they have multiple locations registered.
  • Tax Return Changes for Rollout Two Taxes: Due to consolidated filing by location, the business tax return will be changing significantly to allow county and city information to be reported on one return. All business tax returns filed after May 2018 should be filed using the updated consolidated return. Updated returns will be available at www.tn.gov/revenue/taxes after May 29.
  • Creating a TNTAP Logon: If you do not yet have a TNTAP logon, you can create one after Rollout Two by selecting “Create a TNTAP Logon” from the home page of TNTAP. This process has been streamlined to make it easier to create your logon. Once you have established your logon, you will then be able to gain access to your tax accounts or to client accounts.
  • Adding Tax Accounts to your TNTAP Logon: You can add access to Rollout Two taxes by logging into your account: select “Manage Account” then select “Gain Access to an Account.” Next, you will be prompted to provide account information for the account you wish to access.
  • New TNTAP Logon Options: With Rollout Two we will be launching some new options for TNTAP logons that will help businesses who need to create logons on behalf of other employees within their business, such as a CPA firm. Information about these new logon options will be available on www.tntapinfo.com.
  • Account Numbers: Some account numbers (now called account IDs) will be changing for Rollout Two tax types.
    • Franchise & excise tax account numbers will have a zero added at the beginning and FAE added at the end (Example: 123456789 will become 0123456789-FAE). You will no longer have a separate account number for exempt accounts, as these will be tracked under the regular F&E account.
    • Business tax account numbers will be changing due to account consolidation. However, you can use any business tax account number issued before Rollout Two to gain access to business tax accounts in TNTAP.
    • Hall income tax account numbers will be changing for some taxpayers in TNTAP. However, Hall income tax account numbers are not required when submitting returns through software or through TNTAP.

Please visit www.tntapInfo.com for more information about what will be changing for these tax types when they are added to TNTAP at the end of May 2018. The Tax Preparer page on www.tntapinfo.com also provides information about managing accounts or creating logons for your teams.