TNTAP Updates and Tips Based on TSCPA Feedback

November 13, 2018

The Department of Revenue made some changes to TNTAP based on your input. This includes an improved account lookup, adding information for your client and an update to marital joint accounts.

Account Lookup                                                                                         

The Account Lookup feature is available on the TNTAP homepage for franchise and excise tax, sales tax and business tax. When looking up account IDs, you need only one of the following ID types:

  • Secretary of State Number
  • Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN)
  • Social Security Number (SSN)

The account lookup will not give you access to your client’s tax account. To gain access to your client’s tax account you need one of their last three payments or a letter ID, the FEIN or SSN, the account ID and the account zip code.

Adding a Location or Account for Existing Taxpayers

This newer functionality allows you to add a new tax account or location for your client. You must have access to the client’s account before adding a new location or tax account type.

Follow the steps below to add a location or account:

  1. Log on to TNTAP
  2. Select “Register New Client Account or Location” under the “I Want To” section
  3. Enter the client’s ID information (FEIN, SSN, Account number)
  4. Follow the steps (vary depending on the tax type selected).

Marital Joint Accounts

Marital joint accounts have been restructured. With this change, the Department has assigned new account IDs for all marital joint businesses. No action is needed on your part. If you already have access to your client’s marital joint account business, that access will not change with this restructuring.

The Department shared the new account IDs with taxpayers in letters mailed via the U.S. Postal Service in October 2018. If you have access to your client’s account, you should be able to view this correspondence through your TNTAP logon.

For those who have been filing under the marital joint account ID:

  • Sales tax returns filed through the period ending September 2018 and business tax returns filed through the period ending December 2017: Continue to use the old account number and file under the marital joint account. Note the system may show the account is closed, but you are still able to file for the periods prior to the change.
  • Sales tax returns beginning October 2018, and business tax returns beginning January 2018: File under the primary spouse’s account with the new account number.

Contact Information

Contact the tax practitioner’s line at (615) 253-0700 or (800) 397-8395; search for frequently asked questions or submit a help desk question at www.revenue.support.tn.gov.