TSCPA's Tools of the Trade: CPE Tracker

November 15, 2019

Effective Dec. 31, 2019, the Tennessee Board of Accountancy (TBoA) will begin requiring active CPAs renewing their CPA license to submit a summary of their CPE along with every biennial renewal. TSCPA’s CPE Tracker is a convenient way for licensees to comply with this requirement. Through the CPE Tracker, TSCPA members and CPE course attendees have a convenient and comprehensive tool to use to report the details of all of their CPE for submission with their license renewal.

The required summary of completed CPE must include the course sponsor’s name, date(s) of training, the course title, CPE subject code and CPE credit awarded. CPE courses sponsored by TSCPA have all of these items readily available in the attendee’s online CPE Tracker. The CPE Tracker also features the capability to enter the required information and related certificates for non-TSCPA sponsored courses.

To add a CPE course record to your TSCPA Tracker, log into or create your online account at www.tscpa.com and use the top menu bar to navigate to “My CPE” under the “CPE” menu dropdown. Click the “Add Course” button, which will bring you to the Add CPE Record page. You will then be able to fill out all of the applicable information for the course. When finished, click the “Add to My CPE Tracker” button - it is that easy!

Anytime you visit your online CPE Tracker you will automatically see a list of your most recent CPE courses. You can filter courses by date based on your reporting period, and either print your CPE Tracker for both TSCPA and non-TSCPA sponsored CPE or print only your official TSCPA CPE transcripts. Based on your date filter settings, the CPE Tracker will tabulate your combined credits between TSCPA-sponsored courses and other CPE vendors so you can view a comprehensive summary of your earned credits for a specific reporting period range at a glance.

“TSCPA is dedicated to not only providing high-quality CPE to members of the profession, but also to providing convenient, practical tools and services that allow CPAs to keep their focus on their work. Implementing TSCPA’s online CPE Tracker has been a great way for our organization to do just that,” said TSCPA Professional Development and Events Manager Justin Steele. CPA license renewals with TBoA opened on Nov. 2, 2019. CPAs are only eligible to renew their license if they have completed the required number of CPE credits by Dec. 31, 2019 and can provide a listing of the credits to TBoA. A full listing of CPE requirements and penalties is available on the TBoA’s Continuing Education webpage.

TSCPA will be emailing official CPE transcripts on Dec. 16, 2019. For more information on the online TSCPA CPE Tracker, transcripts or TSCPA CPE courses, contact Justin Steele by phone at 615-377-3825 ext. 101 or by email at jsteele@tscpa.com.