Disaster Assistance Offered to Members

April 20, 2020

For TSCPA members affected by the storms that swept through Tennessee in March and April, the AICPA offers the opportunity to receive financial assistance through its Benevolent Fund. The Fund was created in 1993 to provide short-term assistance for daily living expenses to members dealing with unemployment, an accident, medical expenses, a natural disaster, or the loss of a primary source of family income.

Members have the opportunity to receive:

  • Temporary monthly living expenses
  • One-time emergency grants
  • Temporary monthly medical, mental and prescription expense payments that exceed insurance coverage
  • Medicare or other health insurance premiums
  • Most medically necessary services for dependent children under 21
  • Other assistance as the Board of Trustees deems appropriate

Members must apply and submit the required supporting documentation demonstrating financial need. The Fund administrators present submissions to the Board of Trustees for review on a case-by-case basis. Visit the Benevolent Fund webpage for more information and to apply.

Additionally, in cooperation with the American Red Cross and the National Endowment for Financial Education, the AICPA offers a PDF guide for preparedness and recovery regarding disasters and financial planning. Download the guide here. You may find other helpful resources at the AICPA's Casualty Loss and Disaster Relief page.

For PCPS members, a Practice Survival Kit and Sample Practice Continuation Agreement are also available.

Update 4-20-20: The Times Free Press has compiled a list of ways citizens can help with Chattanooga tornado relief, as well as a list of resources people affected by the storms can use to access the help they need. Click here for more information.