How Do You Use Your CPA Skills in a Non-CPA Context?

January 19, 2016

Lauren Moore

Lauren Moore, CPA
Elliott Davis Decosimo
CPAs generally need to have strong communication and leadership skills. Because of the skills and relationships I have developed through serving clients and working as a CPA, I have been able to become more involved and really make a positive impact on my community, while continuing to further my professional and personal network. Although my communication skills have helped me get plugged in to the community, I have also been known to kill a good conversation with my family and friends with my boring accounting lingo!

Mark Plumlee

Mark Plumlee, CPA
Community Health Systems
I believe there’s a general misconception about what it means to be a CPA. Many people associate our designation with tax return preparation or providing an audit opinion on a set of financial statements for a publicly traded company. While many of us have served in this capacity, and some of us still do, I believe we use our skills beyond those particular functions. I use mine in order to serve as a treasurer for a home owners’ association, help friends and family members evaluate personal and professional financial goals, and encourage students who are interested in pursuing the designation.

Tina Luffman

Tina Luffman, CPA
Flood Bumstead McCready & McCarthy
Being a CPA has taught me many things about people and life. As a CPA, I am privy to very sensitive and personal information about my clients, and that has taught me the importance of planning for the future. When I first began my career I thought if I worked hard and earned a lot of money, success and wealth would follow, but I have seen people who work harder and earn more than me fail. The common denominator among those people was failure to have a plan. Financial planning and personal goal-setting are essential to success. If you don’t set goals or have a plan for reaching those goals, then you have set yourself up for failure. I think CPA skills can be utilized in all areas of life, and we can use those skills to educate other non-CPAs. It’s not about debits and credits, but more about creating an organized road map to help others reach their goals.