Ask an Expert: Changing Jobs

December 30, 2015

Q: When contemplating a job change, how do you ensure that you make the change at the right time and that you make the right choice for you? What are some tips for landing a job compatible with your passions and interests?

Christine Bell

A: Job changes are complex and should always be carefully thought out and researched. In terms of the timing, we believe that the best time to evaluate a new opportunity is when you are already employed (and hopefully not completely miserable in your current role). People make better decisions if they are not already desperate to make a job change. When evaluating a new opportunity, you should research and interview the company you are considering as much as they are interviewing and researching you. Try to talk to people who have worked there previously to get multiple perspectives on what the company is truly like on the inside. Above all, you should strive to make sure there is a strong cultural match that aligns with what you believe and value. We never recommend taking a new position just for the money. Money can be part of the equation, but it should never be the sole reason for making a career move. Don't be afraid to do some self-reflection and self-assessment to ensure the new role is in fact in line with your passion and interests or you may find yourself unhappy again as soon as the "honeymoon" phase ends. 

- Christine Bell, MBA, CPA, Professional Recruiter/Shareholder, BGT Recruiting & Consulting, Inc.