IRS Issues New Strategic Plan

July 20, 2022

The IRS recently released a new five-year Strategic Plan that outlines its goals to improve taxpayer service and tax administration.

The IRS Strategic Plan FY2022-2026 will serve as a roadmap to help guide the agency's programs and operations. The plan will also help meet the changing needs of taxpayers and members of the tax community, the agency said.

The Strategic Plan, developed with input from external partners as well as IRS employees, focuses on four goals to help improve customer service:

  • Service – Provide quality and accessible services to enhance the taxpayer experience.
  • Enforcement – Enforce the tax law fairly and efficiently to increase voluntary compliance and narrow the tax gap.
  • People – Foster an inclusive, diverse and well-equipped workforce and strengthen relationships with external partners.
  • Transformation – Transform IRS operations to become more resilient, agile and responsive to improve the taxpayer experience and narrow the tax gap.

The IRS stated that as it works to achieve these goals, it will continue to uphold taxpayer rights and enforce the tax code fairly to improve the taxpayer experience. Under the Taxpayer Bill of Rights, every taxpayer has fundamental rights of which they should be aware when dealing with the agency.