IRS Expands Services for Visually Impaired Taxpayers

September 12, 2022

The IRS is making its forms, publications and correspondence more accessible to blind and visually disabled taxpayers.

As the result of a July 2020 settlement in a lawsuit brought by the National Federation of the Blind, the IRS is required to provide certain forms and publications in alternative formatting for visually impaired taxpayers. In response, the IRS has created Form 9000, Alternative Media Preference, which allows a taxpayer to choose to receive certain kinds of written correspondence in the following formats:

  • Large print
  • Braille
  • Audio (MP3)
  • Plain text file (TXT)
  • Braille-ready file (BRF)

Over the years, the IRS has been expanding the availability of its forms and publications in multiple languages, including American Sign Language.