Webinar: Excel Data Combination and Consolidation

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Combining data from multiple sheets or workbooks is daily fare for most accountants, yet many professionals do not fully appreciate the breadth of Excel options available for accomplishing this task. From simple sum-through formulas to auto-merging workbooks to consolidation PivotTables, this session comprehensively covers the full range of Excel data consolidation functionality. Simplify and streamline your data consolidation processes, improve your personal productivity, and reduce errors with the information contained in this feature-packed session.


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Basic working knowledge of Excel


Using Excel's SUM function to simplify the sum-through formula building process Adding or removing worksheets from a sum-through total Working with Excel's Data Consolidate function to consolidate data by position or category Building sum-through formulas with wildcard characters Using PivotTables to consolidate data in the same workbook or multiple workbooks


Upon completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Differentiate the advantages and disadvantages of using the SUM function to produce sum-through formulas as compared to simple arithmetic formulas
  • Implement dummy end-point worksheets or columns to simplify the data consolidation process and reduce errors
  • Identify situations where wild-card characters may be used effectively in combining data from multiple worksheets
  • Differentiate between using Data Consolidation by position and by category
  • Use consolidation PivotTables to combine data from multiple worksheets and/or multiple workbooks




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