Unlocking the Value of Professional Memberships: Maximize Your Professional Growth

February 13, 2024

By Katie Cheek, CAE

In the landscape of professional organizations, opportunities to invest your time in development and volunteer organizations that support your professional journey may seem endless. Everything from service-oriented groups to specialized bodies such as professional associations could offer a mutually beneficial relationship throughout the course of your career. With limited time available, how do you decide which organization is the best fit? Exploring the value propositions of various groups to see how they align with your professional goals is one way to start ...

Up-To-Date Resources and Information

In a profession as dynamic and ever evolving as accounting, staying informed is crucial for success. Partnering with an organization that provides credible, relevant information when and where you need it will provide you with immeasurable value.

What sets TSCPA apart as a source of information is its commitment to providing members with up-to-the-minute news and in-depth coverage of timely topics, including everything from regulatory news to professional standards updates. Comprehensive resource kits tailored for the accounting profession and specializing in a range of topics from disaster recovery to diversity, equity and inclusion are also available to members. 

Additionally, members are able to access the Tennessee CPA Journal, both online and in print, for comprehensive insights into accounting, legislature, and other noteworthy updates

When members are looking to seek information from their peers, TSCPA Talks, a private online community, facilitates member connections for information exchange, questions and idea-sharing. 

Community Support & Involvement

Are you seeking professional contacts? Do you need a mentor? Are you interested in educational opportunities, certifications, and seminars to enhance your industry knowledge? 

Across Tennessee, TSCPA's chapters serve as vital hubs for local continuing education, networking, and leadership development. These chapters bridge the gap between global knowledge and local relevance, fostering a sense of community among members. They also provide leadership and volunteer opportunities in your local area. 

TSCPA provides many ways for members to get involved in various committees. From federal and state tax, governmental accounting, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to student outreach, women in business, and more, TSCPA committees provide members with opportunities to engage in specialized professional communities. 

If supporting and growing future accounting professionals interests you, TSCPA offers plenty of opportunities to become involved. Society members are volunteering in schools across the state to promote accounting careers through initiatives like the Student Outreach, Advancement, and Recruitment (SOAR) Speakers Bureau and Accounting Opportunities Month. 

Educational Efficiency 

Identifying opportunities for quality learning that fit with your schedule is a key part in building a successful professional development plan. TSCPA members are able to earn CPE credits at their own pace through various formats, including the On Demand Video Library, enabling learning anytime, anywhere. For CPAs seeking improvement in the quality of their practice, TSCPA administers the Peer Review Program in accordance with AICPA standards. This program acts as an educational and remedial resource, guiding firms to enhance their practices and ensure that all professional standards are being met.

Belonging to TSCPA equips you with more than just a membership; it's an investment in your professional journey. Membership provides you with a partner for the duration of your professional journey and beyond, and offers a holistic experience that nurtures, educates, and elevates every member in their pursuit of professional excellence.

About the Author

Katie Cheek, CAE, is the Chief Operating Officer at the Tennessee Society of CPAs.