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IRS Issues Proposed Regulations on New Business Interest Expense Deduction Limit

November 26, 2018 The Internal Revenue Service issued proposed regulations recently for a provision of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which limits the business interest expense deduction for certain taxpayers. Certain small businesses whose gross receipts are $25 million or less and certain trades or businesses are not subject to the limits under this provision.

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Paul Arab Graduates from AICPA Leadership Academy

November 26, 2018 Paul Arab, CGMA, CIA, CPA was one of only 41 CPAs honored by the American Institute of CPAs as a member of the Leadership Academy's tenth graduating class. Arab was selected based on his exceptional leadership skills and professional experience for the four-day Leadership Academy program on Oct. 7-11 in Durham, N.C.

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Lease Accounting: Simplifying the Discount Rate Debacle

November 12, 2018 Discount rates are one of the new data points that need to be captured when implementing the new lease accounting standard. The guidance for non-public companies is more lenient than that for public companies, but it will require significant consideration as the adoption date quickly approaches.

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The Power of a #thankfulCPA

November 8, 2018 During this busy time of the year, when someone takes the time to say “Thank you!” that intentional expression of appreciation can be even more meaningful. Use these five easy steps to build a culture of appreciation at work.

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IRS Issues Tax Preparer Due Diligence Rules

November 7, 2018 The Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service recently issued final regulations expanding the long-standing paid preparer due diligence requirement to include individual income tax returns claiming the head of household filing status.

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