TSCPApex Awards

September 20, 2023

TSCPApex Awards honor those whose exemplary efforts and achievements are advancing Tennessee's accounting profession.

The TSCPApex Awards Program recognizes the many ways that individuals contribute significant time, energy and intellect to developing our profession and fostering its success. The awards celebrate those who are emerging leaders, innovators, educators, volunteers and others who have made a substantial impact in accounting.

Award Categories

The annual Awards Program recognizes an individual's significant contributions to the accounting profession in the following categories: 

Award Categories:

  • Lifetime Achievement
  • CPA of the Year Award
  • Impact Award
  • Special Recognition Award
  • Emerging Leader Award
  • Women to Watch 

Lifetime Achievement - This award is given in recognition of a TSCPA Life member who has exhibited leadership, made significant contributions to the profession and had an outstanding record of service to the society and the local community.

CPA of the Year Award - The CPA of the Year Award recognizes a CPA who has made outstanding contributions toward advancing the accounting profession.

Impact Award - This award acknowledges a TSCPA member who has distinguished him or herself in philanthropic activities. The society seeks nominations for those individuals known to be actively involved in their communities, whether in humanitarian, civic, government, religious, or professional activities.

Special Recognition Awards - These awards are given to individuals who have contributed to the success of a TSCPA project or initiative - contributions of an outstanding nature and where the project or initiative deserves special recognition. Given the nature of the project initiative, there could be multiple recipients of these special recognition awards. Committee members, chapter leaders as well as “friends” of the profession should be considered. Recipients do not have to be a CPA or TSCPA member.

Emerging Leader Award - This award is given to someone who has been working in the accounting profession 10 years or less. The individual should have made noteworthy professional accomplishments; combined personal and professional achievements that merit special recognition; actively participated in the advancement of the profession or TSCPA; and stands out in the areas of professional knowledge, skill, integrity and leadership.

Women to Watch Awards - This award given to in partnership with the American Institute of CPAs highlights the accomplishments of women in the profession and demonstrates to emerging female leaders that success is not out of reach. Nominees must be members of TSCPA and AICPA. The award is given in two categories:

Experienced Leaders - Women CPAs who have advanced to a higher level or leadership position within their organization. Titles include, but are not limited to, partner, owner, elected official or appointee, executive, etc.

      1. Authorship of articles
      2. Major or unique contribution to the profession
      3. Public and/or community service
      4. Mentoring other professionals**
      5. Improvement to the workplace
        **More heavily weighted than other criteria

Emerging Leaders - Women CPAs who are up-and-coming stars in their organizations and demonstrate:

      1. Public and/or community service
      2. Leadership
      3. Contributions to the profession
      4. Creation and implementation of unique initiative(s)
      5. Involvement with alma mater or other local colleges and universities


Nomination Deadline: December 31, 2023